Marvel's The Invaders

Aim For The Head

Issue 9


  • The team spends some time figuring out their next course of action. They consider meeting up with Blade in Romania.
  • Captain Britain and the Torch will stay with Doctor Strange. The rest of the team takes some time to relax in Long Island. They invent creative ways to disguise Dirt Devil, while Roberto watches a marathon of Magnum, P.I.
  • Dirt Devil tries to translate his book on the Morlocks.
  • Bobby Drake bugs the X-Men and the Atlas office, as well as a bar.
  • Roberto pokes around the Atlas database and reduces his title. Opens a Chinese stock market account under Mimic’s name.
  • Atlas jet renamed “The Whizzer.” Flies to Bobby’s club to force him onto the plane.
  • All equipment shipped to Romania, along with all access transferred.


  • Fly into the Bucharest international airport. They go through security (after an Atlas rep bribes an official).
  • Robert Weng. He has access to a car and a drive. Reservations at three hotels, but they decide to stay in a fourth – the Plaza Romania.
  • The Battle of New York (Avengers Movie).
  • Woo wants to finish up the business in Romania as fast as possible.
  • Roberto gets into SHIELD’s systems, and manages to track down the hacker. It’s “Iceman.”
  • Blade shows up at the hotel. Confirm that Frost is in town.
  • Roberto trends “#iceman” as a tag on Twitter to try and draw Frost out.
  • Blade also considers breaking into the Romanian government building to get more information. Instead, they decide to attack some local criminals and work their way up the food chain.
  • Roberto reaches out to Romanian Goth community to set up a DJ night, and pays $10,000 for the privilege.
  • Count Dracula Club: Sunspot, Iceman, Dirt Devil
  • Thug Punching: Mimic, Elsa, Blade


  • Going to lure criminals out. Elsa is “bait.”
  • The park is dark, and is slowly overcome by vampires stalking the group.
  • A goth guy tries to hit on Elsa, but he is torn apart by vampires
  • Fight!
  • They capture one to interrogate. He only speaks Kurdish.
  • They reveal that they learned of the group from Valentin Shatolov, before they killed him for his armor.
  • He reveals that he’s working for “The Master.” A psychic probe reveals that the Master is Baron Blood.
  • They leave him on a park bench to wait for the sunrise.


  • Bobby gets a Bella Lugosi-style Dracula outfit made. Complete with fake fangs. Goes as “Cardinal Frost.”
  • Deacon Frost walks in with a briefcase and an entourage of five vampires.
  • Roberto plays the theme to Mortal Combat, and Deacon puts on the Crimson Dynamo armor.
  • Fight!
  • Deacon Frost turned to mist.
  • They take the damaged armor and recover from their wounds at the hotel.


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