Marvel's The Invaders

The Human Torch

Issue 8


  • Dirt Devil goes to Wakanda to examine it, and finds a small sample of “pure vibranium.”
  • Hear rumors that Wakanda is considering a treaty with Latveria.
  • SHIELD sends The Bus to pick up Dirt Devil.
  • Coulson meets Dirt Devil, and reunites the team.
  • Roberto logs into the computer. Flight is expected to go to New York, but is actually going to San Francisco.
  • The rest of the team debriefs each other.


  • Notice something flying behind. Human-sized object flying behind, that appears to be on fire.
  • They talk him on board, and he arrives and introduces himself as the Human Torch.
  • They debrief him, and he wants to see Captain America.
  • The team wonders if any other Invaders might have heard the original transmission.
  • Roberto puts a fake report on the SHIELD network about the transmission.
  • He recalls waking up in flight. He was buried in Nevada, but his flight was from somewhere other than Nevada.
  • They let him see Captain America, and they watch the Torch tell Steve about everything that happened. It’s a very human, emotional moment, and they turn the monitor off.


  • They call Dr. Strange’s assistant and arrange for a “emergency consultation.”
  • They take Captain America on the Quinjet.
  • The Torch moves on San Francisco to brief Woo.


  • Check in with Blade. He’s in Romania, near the Latverian/Symkarian border.
  • Unable to track down Deacon Frost. Lost him in Eastern Europe
  • Was able to work with an old friend, Rachel van Helsing, to isolate a mystical resonance unique to Frost’s doppelgangers. He emails the data to Elsa, which needs an odic oscillator to convert back to a mystical resonance.


  • They walk into the van and step right into Strange’s sanctum, and he starts to check Captain America’s vitals.
  • Discuss the vampire situation.
  • Creepy kitchen.
  • Dirt Devil is the “royal caste” of the Morlocks. He takes the book.
  • Roberto leaves an agent in Strange’s database to let him log in later. It gets mystically extruded.
  • Elsa talks to Strange as he preps Captain for long-term stay in a hospital room in his Sanctum.
  • Bobby finds a room that is dark and has a cold snowstorm. It makes him feel like he belongs there and closes the door behind him.
  • The rest of the team get messages that they’ve lost contact, and track him back to that door. Meanwhile, Bobby finds his powers are greatly amplified.
  • Mimic manages to talk him out of finding the ice giants, and they leave.
  • Roberto goes to the nightclub that he’s a DJ at, and “leaks” that Bobby Drake will be there.
  • Captain Britain goes to pick up a shipment. Silver-coated gauntlet, silver-coated claws, modify helicopter with UV spot light, motorcycle headlight.
  • Text: “W&H are en-route.”
  • Elsa finds the odic oscillator, and now has the resonance of the dopplegangers.


  • Woo and Hammond arrive.
  • Remembers fighting vampires in World War II, particularly Baron Blood
  • Hammer Industries announces acquisition of Advanced Idea Mechanics
  • Investigation into the merger indicates that AIM actually bought Hammer Industries, but for some reason kept the Hammer name, keeping “AIM” as the name of a subsidiary.
  • Justin Hammer kept as CEO, but the majority shareholder is Bornag Royale.
  • Hammond asks about the shield, and the team goes to meet Elsa at Dr. Strange’s home.
  • They put the shield on his chest, and Cap comes out of the coma.


  • The team considers their options. Coulson agrees to “fire” Woo so the team can get out from SHIELD’s authority.
  • Coulson says he’ll take care of Captain America.
  • They hand in their lanyards and are no longer SHIELD agents.


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