Marvel's The Invaders

The Incredible Hulk!

The Invaders: Issue #3


  • Sunspot alters the Russian extradition order. Red result – no international repercussions.
  • Read Shatolov’s mind — he’s shaken by the lack of Russian extradition.
  • Image of “Mr. Smith.” Elsa recognizes Simon Mystikos.
  • They confront Valentin with the image. He breaks, and agreed to meet Mr. Smith in New York.
  • Woo will stash him off the boat (goal: keep him away from Smith).
  • “The Freezer” (Atlas secure jail)


  • Science testing. Learn it absorbs sound.
  • Sunspot has recordings of Doctor Doom.
  • Dirt Devil opens it.
  • “Close the box!” Merlyn and Captain Britain recognize the skull of John the Baptist.
  • The skull can manipulate time. Believed to see the future, but will kill anyone who tries to change their destiny.
  • They discuss why the Pope doesn’t know this is missing.
  • Woo starts Senate hearings to distract Stark.


  • All records of Beetle armor and data kept by SHIELD.
  • Atlas acquires Sunrise Labs. There was another anonymous attempt, but it was deflected. Private investor who wished to remain anonymous.
  • Sunspot looks for information on the law firm. Law firm is not stupid. Asks Woo to try and use Atlas to lure the law firm out and win a bid.
  • Elsa eventually gets in touch with Blade. He says he’ll fly out to the U.S. in a few days, but he can’t discuss it over the phone.
  • Box in a vault with a lot of ice on the ship. Sensors as well.


  • Mission to check Bella Coola, BC. Sightings of a monster.
  • Land on a flat spot in the woods, and make their way to Bella Coola.
  • Francis Goddard. Canadian Mountie. Meet at the Beaver Creek hotel.
  • Captain Britain and Elsa meet Goddard. She tells them that there have been a few sightings, and that she’s out of her depth.
  • Bobby and Sunspot go to the bar.
  • Bobby hits on women and gets information about them being to the south.
  • Mimic flies around.
  • Dirt Devil wanders around.
  • Meet on the south side of town to cross the river.
  • Surveillance pass on the area from satellite.
  • They talk about poutine.
  • Investigate the scene. Notice that it’s large, and somewhat human-smelling.
  • They report that something on the scale of the New York creatures back to Woo.
  • Edward Roberts owns a cabin in the area that the monster went into.


  • Mimic goes to fly and check out the area. He notices that there’s another impact close to Roberts’ cabin.
  • They all fly up to the cabin.
  • Brits and Francis walk up. Told to go away, but they hear a second person’s voice in a Middle Eastern language.
  • Hulk attacks!
  • Mimic gets in his mind, and sees a dark presence. He kicks him out, and the Hulk turns to Bruce Banner.
  • Bobby recognizes the mental presence as Shadow King. He tells Professor Xavier.
  • Xavier calls Woo.
  • They take Banner.
  • Goddard takes care of the Canadian side of things.
  • They investigate the cabin. Find Bruce Banner’s notes.


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