Marvel's The Invaders

A Sinister Plan Revealed
Issue 10


  • Captain Britain and Torch help with the Invasion of New York. As they do, the Claw vampires attack Doctor Strange to acquire the skull. They fail, but Strange is badly hurt — he needs to go into deep meditation to avoid becoming a vampire.
  • Skull is back in Captain Britain’s hands. He takes it to the New York Atlas office.


  • The rest of the team flies back to New York, and discusses how they can handle their public image.
  • Start reaching out to charity events that are multicultural and non-political. Atlas also donates in the Invader’s name.
  • Hire a PR person. Kate Kildare.
  • Team Popularity: Incredible (39)
  • Team Resources: Monstrous (78). Non-profit extension of EdC Industries and Atlas; Karma loss to use.
  • PR damage against Hammer Industries, tying keywords of alien invasion to awkward footage of Hammer robots failing (from Iron Man 2).
  • Dirt Devil’s background (as an outcast member of the royal caste of Morlocks) is put out, along with spun versions of every person’s backstory.
  • Discussion about which celebrity Bobby should date. Miley Cyrus?


  • Discuss where to put the skull. Options include SHIELD black site, Wakanda, the Tower of London, and having the Hulk eat it.
  • Tommy Ng, the CEO of Atlas, announces an acquisition by AIM.
  • George Tarleton installed as the Chief Scientist over Atlas New York office. Bornag Royale invested as the head of Legal.
  • Roberto sends Woo his login information for Atlas and SHIELD, and he puts out information that the Invaders have gone rogue.
  • Fly to Canada to go back to Bella Coola, BC. They go get some poutine.
  • They start to tell the locals about what happened.
  • Francis Goddard comes to ask if they can help.
  • They are invited to take possession of an abandoned farm outside of town.


  • They decide to try to find Baron Blood.
  • Captain Britain reaches out to MI-6 with Spitfire or Union Jack.
  • Transferred to MI-13. Pete Wisdom tells them that Spitfire is actually a vampire that was converted by Baron Blood.
  • Coat the box with pure vibranium.
  • Take the plane to England.
  • Meanwhile, Bobby and Mimic ask the X-Men to help them out.
  • Dirt Devil reaches out to his father (Karin, East Texas) to leave a vibranium box.
  • Woo forwards an email from Tarleton. They hired Ulysses Klaue as a backup plan to find vibranium. Roberto forwards it to Al-Jazeera.
  • Dirt Devil realizes that it’s possible the vibranium could be burst into the atmosphere and absorb the sunlight.
  • They attempt to fix the Crimson Dynamo armor, and put it back into the suitcase.
  • Elsa and Cap go through airport.
  • They go to North Court manor, and Pete Wisdom takes them up to see her.
  • Pete Wisdom tries to prevent Spitfire from leaving, but she resists. Says that Captain Britain can invite her out of the protective spell. He does she, and she leaves, breaking the spell. Pete Wisdom is pissed, but doesn’t stop them.


  • They drop Roberto off at Stark Tower and keep flying to Winchester.
  • They meet Pepper Potts, and she takes them to meet Tony Stark.
  • Carbondinium. They give him the rights to the material.
  • Pepper Potts turns into Super-Adaptoid.
  • They capture all the AIM soldiers.
Aim For The Head
Issue 9


  • The team spends some time figuring out their next course of action. They consider meeting up with Blade in Romania.
  • Captain Britain and the Torch will stay with Doctor Strange. The rest of the team takes some time to relax in Long Island. They invent creative ways to disguise Dirt Devil, while Roberto watches a marathon of Magnum, P.I.
  • Dirt Devil tries to translate his book on the Morlocks.
  • Bobby Drake bugs the X-Men and the Atlas office, as well as a bar.
  • Roberto pokes around the Atlas database and reduces his title. Opens a Chinese stock market account under Mimic’s name.
  • Atlas jet renamed “The Whizzer.” Flies to Bobby’s club to force him onto the plane.
  • All equipment shipped to Romania, along with all access transferred.


  • Fly into the Bucharest international airport. They go through security (after an Atlas rep bribes an official).
  • Robert Weng. He has access to a car and a drive. Reservations at three hotels, but they decide to stay in a fourth – the Plaza Romania.
  • The Battle of New York (Avengers Movie).
  • Woo wants to finish up the business in Romania as fast as possible.
  • Roberto gets into SHIELD’s systems, and manages to track down the hacker. It’s “Iceman.”
  • Blade shows up at the hotel. Confirm that Frost is in town.
  • Roberto trends “#iceman” as a tag on Twitter to try and draw Frost out.
  • Blade also considers breaking into the Romanian government building to get more information. Instead, they decide to attack some local criminals and work their way up the food chain.
  • Roberto reaches out to Romanian Goth community to set up a DJ night, and pays $10,000 for the privilege.
  • Count Dracula Club: Sunspot, Iceman, Dirt Devil
  • Thug Punching: Mimic, Elsa, Blade


  • Going to lure criminals out. Elsa is “bait.”
  • The park is dark, and is slowly overcome by vampires stalking the group.
  • A goth guy tries to hit on Elsa, but he is torn apart by vampires
  • Fight!
  • They capture one to interrogate. He only speaks Kurdish.
  • They reveal that they learned of the group from Valentin Shatolov, before they killed him for his armor.
  • He reveals that he’s working for “The Master.” A psychic probe reveals that the Master is Baron Blood.
  • They leave him on a park bench to wait for the sunrise.


  • Bobby gets a Bella Lugosi-style Dracula outfit made. Complete with fake fangs. Goes as “Cardinal Frost.”
  • Deacon Frost walks in with a briefcase and an entourage of five vampires.
  • Roberto plays the theme to Mortal Combat, and Deacon puts on the Crimson Dynamo armor.
  • Fight!
  • Deacon Frost turned to mist.
  • They take the damaged armor and recover from their wounds at the hotel.
The Human Torch
Issue 8


  • Dirt Devil goes to Wakanda to examine it, and finds a small sample of “pure vibranium.”
  • Hear rumors that Wakanda is considering a treaty with Latveria.
  • SHIELD sends The Bus to pick up Dirt Devil.
  • Coulson meets Dirt Devil, and reunites the team.
  • Roberto logs into the computer. Flight is expected to go to New York, but is actually going to San Francisco.
  • The rest of the team debriefs each other.


  • Notice something flying behind. Human-sized object flying behind, that appears to be on fire.
  • They talk him on board, and he arrives and introduces himself as the Human Torch.
  • They debrief him, and he wants to see Captain America.
  • The team wonders if any other Invaders might have heard the original transmission.
  • Roberto puts a fake report on the SHIELD network about the transmission.
  • He recalls waking up in flight. He was buried in Nevada, but his flight was from somewhere other than Nevada.
  • They let him see Captain America, and they watch the Torch tell Steve about everything that happened. It’s a very human, emotional moment, and they turn the monitor off.


  • They call Dr. Strange’s assistant and arrange for a “emergency consultation.”
  • They take Captain America on the Quinjet.
  • The Torch moves on San Francisco to brief Woo.


  • Check in with Blade. He’s in Romania, near the Latverian/Symkarian border.
  • Unable to track down Deacon Frost. Lost him in Eastern Europe
  • Was able to work with an old friend, Rachel van Helsing, to isolate a mystical resonance unique to Frost’s doppelgangers. He emails the data to Elsa, which needs an odic oscillator to convert back to a mystical resonance.


  • They walk into the van and step right into Strange’s sanctum, and he starts to check Captain America’s vitals.
  • Discuss the vampire situation.
  • Creepy kitchen.
  • Dirt Devil is the “royal caste” of the Morlocks. He takes the book.
  • Roberto leaves an agent in Strange’s database to let him log in later. It gets mystically extruded.
  • Elsa talks to Strange as he preps Captain for long-term stay in a hospital room in his Sanctum.
  • Bobby finds a room that is dark and has a cold snowstorm. It makes him feel like he belongs there and closes the door behind him.
  • The rest of the team get messages that they’ve lost contact, and track him back to that door. Meanwhile, Bobby finds his powers are greatly amplified.
  • Mimic manages to talk him out of finding the ice giants, and they leave.
  • Roberto goes to the nightclub that he’s a DJ at, and “leaks” that Bobby Drake will be there.
  • Captain Britain goes to pick up a shipment. Silver-coated gauntlet, silver-coated claws, modify helicopter with UV spot light, motorcycle headlight.
  • Text: “W&H are en-route.”
  • Elsa finds the odic oscillator, and now has the resonance of the dopplegangers.


  • Woo and Hammond arrive.
  • Remembers fighting vampires in World War II, particularly Baron Blood
  • Hammer Industries announces acquisition of Advanced Idea Mechanics
  • Investigation into the merger indicates that AIM actually bought Hammer Industries, but for some reason kept the Hammer name, keeping “AIM” as the name of a subsidiary.
  • Justin Hammer kept as CEO, but the majority shareholder is Bornag Royale.
  • Hammond asks about the shield, and the team goes to meet Elsa at Dr. Strange’s home.
  • They put the shield on his chest, and Cap comes out of the coma.


  • The team considers their options. Coulson agrees to “fire” Woo so the team can get out from SHIELD’s authority.
  • Coulson says he’ll take care of Captain America.
  • They hand in their lanyards and are no longer SHIELD agents.
Operation: Frostbite
Issue 7


  • Tony Stark’s issues are resolved.
  • Hammer Industries’ stock plummets.
  • AIM buys the mine after the incident.


  • Doctor Strange casts a ritual to hide the skull of John the Baptist.
  • The group still has the vibranium box.
  • Captain Britain would like to track down the SHIELD agent who had the clarity to retrieve the silvered broadsword (Alisande “Ali” Morales), the courage to use it, and the quick-thinking to toss it to him. He’d like to thank her for her actions and bravery, recommend her for a commendation for her actions (can Woo help with this?), and keep an eye on her career. He senses great potential.
  • Roberto updates the team on Operation: Frostbite.


  • Goes to talk to Woo about “going rogue.” Meet at a Mexican restaurant.
  • Woo asks about Strange.
  • Talk about the vampires infiltrating SHIELD and Atlas (a few people in Atlas).
  • Discuss the reason behind why Mystikos and Frost are working together.
  • Dracula is Lord of the Vampires; controls all vampires.
  • Put a false report in the database: Mystikos tried to use the skull, and it killed him.
  • 3D print the skull, adding in a tracker and frozen holy water. Also a fake box.
  • Also discuss the concerns about SHIELD infiltration.
  • Project: Frostbite — the US government should not have Steve Roger’s remains.
  • Captain America’s remains or shield would have intense mystical elements.
  • Peggy Carter might have more information.
  • What about the vibranium?
  • Bobby asks Beast about how to track vibranium. He says it’s theoretically possible, but he won’t.
  • Woo will look into AIM.
  • They leave Woo with the check.


  • Fly to New York.
  • Captain Britain calls Doctor Strange about the Shadow King.
  • Mimic calls Forge about vibranium.
  • Forge makes a vibranium detector.
  • Mimic goes to the mine and mentally scans the people at the mine. Shifted to mining vibranium — equipment is AIM, but the employees still believe they work for Hammer Industries.
  • Mimic then goes to the helicarrier. Jeffrey Parks took Mole Man. Surface thoughts — all on alert, but overhear two words: Hail Hydra.
  • Bobby calls the receptionist at the New York Atlas office. Orders two dozen pizzas and ice sculptures of the team.
  • Bobby also buys a sports car, discretionary funds, and does a search for nightclubs.
  • Ask Woo about Hydra, and he seems concerned.
  • Read Peggy Carter’s file.


  • Goes to the M1-5 Club.
  • Gets a lot of women into the VIP room (which he reserves).
  • Notices a man he recognizes, but can’t place the face. Security follows him; mentions that he has a gun and kicks him out. Bobby takes a picture with his phone. No record in Atlas files.
  • Texted the picture to Mimic, who recognizes him as Jeffrey Parks.
  • Bobby ices over in the club and smashes through the glass (and the room) to chase after Parks. Captures him.
  • The team controls the scene. Roberto is trending on Twitter, and other members of the team are noticed.
  • Parks foams at the mouth and dies. Mimic tries to get him to the hospital, but it’s too late. Before Parks dies, Mimic learns that Parks and all the agents with him that removed Mole Man were Hydra agents.
  • Woo looking into other agents that escorted Mole Man out.


  • Captain Britain and Mimic go to Long Term Care Hospital in Rockland, NY.
  • They agree to bury Rogers instead of giving him to the US government. But she draws them a map.


  • Takes them to a secure room. Drop the word “Hydra.”
  • Coulson shares his information. Got a report about a Russian oil team call finding something in the same 50-mile radius. (It’s full daytime there now.)
  • They share information. Coulson says he has a jet. (The Bus – 616)
  • Mimic and Iceman fly there now. The rest of the team arrives 20 minutes later.
  • Mind-scan the people there. Six contracted scientists stationed there to observe the object. They are doing initial studies.
  • Bobby patrols the perimeter.
  • Coulson’s team land, and they make their way into the plane. They find the shield.
  • They perfectly melt and distribute the ice. They take Rogers to the Bus.
  • Tanks!
  • They find it was all automated. Abandoned Hydra defense base.
  • They leave the scientists and a few agents to explore.
  • Captain America is found, and rushed back to SHIELD H.Q.
  • Some kind of radio signal blinks on Cap’s belt. They shut it off and fly him back.
  • Discuss what to do with Captain America.
The Final Death of Simon Mystikos
The Invaders: Issue #6


  • The team has a meeting away from James Woo and SHIELD while they are in Pennsylvania.
  • Roberto da Costa (Sunspot) shares some information about what he’s found. Captain America/Operation: Frostbite, and Banner (based on Super Soldier serum).
  • Points out that the team isn’t exactly brimming with American sentiment or upstanding citizens.
  • Asks their help in getting access to a server in New York (111 Eighth Avenue). Explicitly breaking the law to break into it.
  • Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) has concerns. But Roberto needs the team.
  • Captain Britain has Mole Man’s staff, but it doesn’t feel magic.
  • The team decides to go check out New York, using the discussion with Doctor Strange as a cover.
  • Taking Mole Man to SHIELD headquarters in New York. Captain Britain takes staff to Doctor Strange, while the rest of the team goes to 111 Eighth Avenue.


  • SHIELD helicarrier. They requisition a couple of flying cars.
  • Doctor Strange’s office. Hear him speaking in Italian.
  • Summarizes the attack to Strange. Strange mentions it is a psychically enhancing device.
  • There’s a false skull in the Vatican. It was originally stolen sometime around WWII.
  • Strange agrees to go to the skull to preserve it.


  • Mimic carries Mole Man as they fly to New York.
  • Mole Man was promised to rule the underworld by AIM if he disrupted it.
  • Spoken to George Tarleton, and learned that the mine contains trace amounts of vibranium.
  • Drop Mole Man off at the helicarrier.
  • Arrive at 111 Eighth Avenue.
  • Look for Atlas Corporation.
  • They find out that their badges can display holographic maps of the area.
  • They go to a conference room. Roberto goes hacking and finds the room that the server is held in.
  • It’s a clean room, with a cleaning robot.
  • Computer search set up to look for deaths after increase in fortune (i.e., potential visions): A seller earned 18 million renminbi before dying of a heart attack. (Chinese government official named Martin Li.) The purchaser was Doctor Doom.
  • Spoof access to Level 10.
  • Operation Frostbite: the search for Captain America’s body.
  • Some names in the file are marked with ?
  • Information on vampires appear to be missing. As if a vampire in SHIELD is removing information.
  • Atlas has file on Deacon — “Duplication?”
  • AIM and George Tarleton: Chief Scientist of AIM, but lost control of his limbs during an accident.
  • “Agent Smith” is the alias of the internal hacker.
  • Find Coulson’s personal notes in invisible folders.
  • Woo calls Robert Drake (Iceman), and says Mole Man isn’t at the helicarrier. Bobby immediate suspects Mimic.


  • The meet at the roof of 111 Eighth Avenue in the flying car, and take off the headsets.
  • A vampire has infiltrated SHIELD, and his agents took Mole Man.
  • Goes to New Mexico.
  • Remember that SHIELD knows about the security on the skull.
  • Everyone but Roberto goes to San Francisco; Roberto goes to New Mexico.
  • Roberto calls Woo and tells him everything. Woo tells them not to trust anyone.


  • Get calls that SHIELD agents are firing on each other, and the sensors go off.
  • Attack!
  • Simon Mystikos is killed.
  • One frozen vampire, and one watch.
  • Helicopter crew are desiccated corpses.
  • Defrost the vampire, and it becomes desiccated.
  • Woo shows up.
  • They check the box, and make sure the skull is still there. It is.
  • Elsa calls her father. He’s mildly impressed.


  • Lands next to the dome in New Mexico.
  • One of the agents dehydrated and died.
  • Coulson will loop them into Operation: Frostbite
  • Gives him the number for “The Cavalry.”
Attack of the Mole Man!
The Invaders: Issue #5


  • Everyone gets a UV flashlight from SHIELD
  • Tony Stark is now in the middle of congressional hearings.


  • Blade and Bloodstone interrogate the captured vampire.
  • Put vampire into plexiglass airtight cell.
  • Vampire tries to disguise itself as mist.
  • He fails and confesses. He’s from South Africa.
  • Two sects of vampires — one who used Beetle (Mystikos sect), and one who used Dynamo (Nosferatu sect, using Mystikos as a cut-out).
  • Claw vampires work for a man he only knows as “Iceman” who wasn’t part of the sect, but claimed to represent a “higher power.”
  • Blade suspects it’s Deacon Frost.
  • Believe Deacon Frost is trying to become a vampire lord.
  • Team suspects that Frost might be after the skull of John the Baptist.


  • Roberto shows Banner his SHIELD file. Mentions he doesn’t trust Woo or Atlas.


  • The team suspects that vampire lords can see through the eyes of their subordinates, so Blade goes to kill the vampire.
  • They decide to get more information. Doctor Strange and Merlin are consulted.
  • Blade leaves to go deal with Deacon Frost.


  • Woo, Mimic, and Captain Britain talk to lawyers.
  • They fly over in an Atlas private jet. Britain talks to Merlin. Suggests talking to the Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Bornag Royale is the lawyer for Advanced Idea Mechanics. AIM starts a takeover attempt on Atlas.
  • Woo and team meets with the senior legal team of Royale Legal, Ltd. in New York to get a face-to-face.
  • An distinguished British man. The British characters may have heard that he’s distantly related to the Windsors.
  • He represents a company known as Advanced Idea Mechanics that wants to make an “attractive offer” for Atlas.
  • Mimic notices that Bornag knows more about Atlas.


  • Bloodstone, Iceman, and Dirt Devil talk to Dr. Strange.
  • Iceman calls Wolverine and asks about Dr. Strange.
  • Mentions that he’s glad that some of Dirt Devil’s people survived.
  • Asks him about the skull of John the Baptist.
  • Suggests that Doctor Doom might be involved.
  • Offers to hide it in a different dimension.
  • Hands them a business card.


  • Roberto says he’s going into Vatican computer systems, but really going into SHIELD’s site.
  • Looking on info on Avengers Initiative, on the team, on Banner, and vampires.
  • Account is now on Level 7 access.
  • Invisible folders. Could access on the New York server.
  • Sunspot flies to New York.


  • Collapse in a Pennsylvania mine. People claim they’ve seen someone that looks like a monster.
  • They see that the mines are connected to Hammer Industries.
  • Dirt Devil drills holes to diffuse the smoke.
  • Everyone but Sunspot go into the cave.
  • Moloids come out of the walls.
  • Turns out to be Mole Man. A couple dozen Moloids are attacking the people.
  • Capture Mole Man and his staff!
Vampire Hunt
The Invaders: Issue #4


  • They talk about how the Hulk had been around (and controlled by the Shadow King) for a week.
  • Woo tells them about Amahl Farouk, and suggests they go to Xavier to help him resist Farouk’s influence in future.
  • Woo offers Banner a place on the team. The rest of the team agrees. Banner is reluctant, but he says that he will stay on and act as a consultant for the time being.
  • Woo points out that there may be a connection between all the cases thus far. The team kick around ideas, and consider that Latvaria hasn’t asked for the skull back yet.
  • They land on The Ship and go their separate ways while they wait for Blade and settle Dr. Banner.


  • Bobby gets a shipment of holy water and wetsuits.
  • Roberto looks at Banner’s file in the SHIELD network. It’s flagged for Director Fury’s review as part of the Avengers Initiative.
  • They discuss whether Sunspot’s powers count as “sunlight” against vampires. Inferno matches are mentioned, and Sunspot points out that he can only do this for a few minutes at night.
  • They decide (naturally) to go to a nightclub.
  • Sunspot looks for rent-controlled apartments for 50+ years in major US cities. Doesn’t pan out, but he does discover a number of companies that handles rent-controlled apartment and houses for families and estates.
  • Elsa calls a few people, but no one knows about vampires in San Francisco. Doesn’t find much.
  • Shop for clothing and silver weapons.
  • Go to The Temple nightclub.
  • Mimic uses Telepathy to convince the guard that he’s the relief, and gets the team in with weapons.
  • They relax, pick up some women, have some drinks.
  • Mimic: Works the door. Noticing that the club has an unusual amount of success. Women hit on him, and he uses mental powers to convince them they had sex.
  • Roberto: Talks to some women to get Mimic laid. Pays the DJ to finish the set.
  • Elsa: Places cameras over the nightclub. One looking at the VIP room. She also gets a lot of free drinks, which is on the up-and-up.
  • Captain Britain: People watching. Everyone seems to having a good time universally. Which is weird.
  • Bobby: Goes to the VIP lounge, goes with two girls. They have a good time. Turns out, everyone there is middle-of-the-road.
  • They don’t find any vampires.


  • Blade gets off a private jet. Suddenly, vampires attack!
  • They capture one unconscious vampire.
  • Go back to The Ship.
  • Blade claims they’re part of the Claw sect, and were probably coming after him.
  • He mentions that the sects are consolidating. The team mentions a mystical artifact.
  • Talks about the Mystikos sect and how they’re a modern sect.
  • They spill the beans to Blade.
  • Woo mentions that he lured the law firm out. The law firm is Royale Legal, Ltd., owned by Bornag Royale.
  • Ask Woo to approach the legal team with Atlas.
The Incredible Hulk!
The Invaders: Issue #3


  • Sunspot alters the Russian extradition order. Red result – no international repercussions.
  • Read Shatolov’s mind — he’s shaken by the lack of Russian extradition.
  • Image of “Mr. Smith.” Elsa recognizes Simon Mystikos.
  • They confront Valentin with the image. He breaks, and agreed to meet Mr. Smith in New York.
  • Woo will stash him off the boat (goal: keep him away from Smith).
  • “The Freezer” (Atlas secure jail)


  • Science testing. Learn it absorbs sound.
  • Sunspot has recordings of Doctor Doom.
  • Dirt Devil opens it.
  • “Close the box!” Merlyn and Captain Britain recognize the skull of John the Baptist.
  • The skull can manipulate time. Believed to see the future, but will kill anyone who tries to change their destiny.
  • They discuss why the Pope doesn’t know this is missing.
  • Woo starts Senate hearings to distract Stark.


  • All records of Beetle armor and data kept by SHIELD.
  • Atlas acquires Sunrise Labs. There was another anonymous attempt, but it was deflected. Private investor who wished to remain anonymous.
  • Sunspot looks for information on the law firm. Law firm is not stupid. Asks Woo to try and use Atlas to lure the law firm out and win a bid.
  • Elsa eventually gets in touch with Blade. He says he’ll fly out to the U.S. in a few days, but he can’t discuss it over the phone.
  • Box in a vault with a lot of ice on the ship. Sensors as well.


  • Mission to check Bella Coola, BC. Sightings of a monster.
  • Land on a flat spot in the woods, and make their way to Bella Coola.
  • Francis Goddard. Canadian Mountie. Meet at the Beaver Creek hotel.
  • Captain Britain and Elsa meet Goddard. She tells them that there have been a few sightings, and that she’s out of her depth.
  • Bobby and Sunspot go to the bar.
  • Bobby hits on women and gets information about them being to the south.
  • Mimic flies around.
  • Dirt Devil wanders around.
  • Meet on the south side of town to cross the river.
  • Surveillance pass on the area from satellite.
  • They talk about poutine.
  • Investigate the scene. Notice that it’s large, and somewhat human-smelling.
  • They report that something on the scale of the New York creatures back to Woo.
  • Edward Roberts owns a cabin in the area that the monster went into.


  • Mimic goes to fly and check out the area. He notices that there’s another impact close to Roberts’ cabin.
  • They all fly up to the cabin.
  • Brits and Francis walk up. Told to go away, but they hear a second person’s voice in a Middle Eastern language.
  • Hulk attacks!
  • Mimic gets in his mind, and sees a dark presence. He kicks him out, and the Hulk turns to Bruce Banner.
  • Bobby recognizes the mental presence as Shadow King. He tells Professor Xavier.
  • Xavier calls Woo.
  • They take Banner.
  • Goddard takes care of the Canadian side of things.
  • They investigate the cabin. Find Bruce Banner’s notes.
Crushing a Beetle
The Invaders: Issue #2

Behold, The Mimic!

Mimic is approached by SHIELD, and the officer offers to expunge his criminal record in exchange for his presence on the taskforce being formed. He agrees to listen, and speaks with Agent James Woo. Woo gives him a similar pitch as he did with the rest of the team, and he agrees to join The Invaders Initiative.

He meets up with the rest of the team, and immediately gets a chilly reception from Robert Drake (Iceman) — there’s some history between the two, back when Mimic was a villain. Still, the team continues their discussion and planning on how to handle The Beetle’s presumed assault on Sunrise Labs.

Crushing a Beetle

Sunspot creates some fake Latvarian credentials for a fictional woman. Elsa Bloodstone infiltrates the Werner Academy, looking into options for her “overseas cousin,” and ends up getting a long pitch from one of the professors (Professor Ravan). As she gets inside, however, she sees a heavy door at the end of a hallway. Captain Britain recognizes the door as similar to some Doomtech he saw in a Latvarian operation a year or so back. She manages to catch a glimpse of someone moving into the door before it closes.

The rest of the team lies in wait around Sunrise Labs. Captain Britain noticed some movement off in the distance — an armored figure flying in at high speed. The Captain goes to grab Elsa while the rest of the team flies out to meet the foe, who turns out to be the Beetle. The fighting is fierce, and the Beetle nearly fights the team to a standstill, until Sunspot channels all of his solar energy into a massive EMP burst. He falls unconscious, but Beetle is trapped in his armor, unable to move.

Woo brings in a SHIELD helicopter to collect the armored mercenary, and Iron Man comes to confront the team. Woo stands up against Tony Stark, and the two exchange some heated words. Iron Man tries to claim that the thief should be under his jurisdiction, since the technology in the suit is his intellectual property, but Woo declines, and Stark eventually flies off.

Back at the ship, the man inside the armor turns out to be Grigore Stenescu. He turns out to be a Latvarian extremist, who believes that he was given orders directly from Doctor Doom. However, Elsa notices a whiff of vampiric stench off of Grigore. She worked in the past with another vampire hunter known as Blade, and she offers to get in touch with him to see if they can narrow the list of suspects, since there are a lot of vampires (particularly in Europe).

During this discussion, Woo checks his email, and laughs — SHIELD has been served with a Cease and Desist by Stark International for refusing to hand over stolen trade secrets.

Doctor Doom!

The team decides to assault the Werner Academy, to see what Doom might be planning. Dirt Devil digs through the floor into the sealed Doomtech room. Alarms in the building go off, and the police are called, but they are redirected to an alleged armored man assault on the other side of downtown (unaware of how accurate they will end up being). The team follows through Dirt Devil’s hole in the floor, and see Doctor Doom inside the room. They immediately flee, claiming to be in pursuit of Dirt Devil as a “dangerous fugitive.”

At this point, Elsa is across the street, watching the scene with a rifle. She notices another armored figure fly to the building and attack the Werner Academy — Crimson Dynamo.

Captain Britain tries to take the fight to Dynamo, but knows how powerful he is. He uses the fight to secretly plant a tracker on the suit, so the team can follow him. Dynamo breaks into the same room as Doctor Doom, and the two begin to fight, unseen by the rest of the team. After a minute, Dynamo leaves, holding something in his arms. The Captain engages again, and gets a whiff of magic from the object. The two fight, as Elsa takes careful aim with her rifle. She takes the shot, and miraculously manages to shoot a critical part of Dynamo’s armor. Captain Britain extends his force field into an invisible cushion, and halts their mutual fall before they smash into the concrete.

Dynamo was holding a vibranium box that stinks of magic. They find the person inside is Valentin Shatolov, who happens to be the Russian thug that Bobby got into a fight with a couple of nights ago!

Meet The Invaders
The Invaders: Issue #1


The issue starts with a series of individual pages.

  • Roberto da Costa (Sunspot) is approached at his school in New York by a suited S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, saying that his special skills are needed for a special taskforce. Roberto agrees.
  • Robert Drake (Iceman) is called into Professor Xavier’s office to meet with another suited agent. Xavier explains that his school has been asked to provide a student as part of a new taskforce. Telepathically, Xavier asks Bobby to look into S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s operation and let the school know if there’s anything there concerning to mutants. Bobby agrees.
  • Elsa Bloodstone is at her home at Bloodstone Manor, when a MI-13 agent knocks on the door. Instead of asking for her father, he asks for her. MI-13 is starting a joint taskforce with S.H.I.E.L.D., and they’d like Elsa to be a part of it. Elsa agrees.
  • Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) is also approached by an MI-13 agent and told of the joint taskforce. The country feels that having someone visibly representing England’s interests is vital, and Brian agrees.
  • Dirt Devil is purchased as an asset from the company that created him, and is carted to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent Jimmy Woo

All five heroes are flown to San Francisco, and taken to a destroyer without any U.S. markings. The ship looks a little old and spare until the heroes get inside, where it looks like a plush, high-tech office.

The heroes meet with Agent James Woo. He explains that he is creating an international taskforce under the auspice of S.H.I.E.L.D., but under his direct oversight. Since Tony Stark announced that he was Iron Man, a number of governments are extremely concerned that Stark Industries privately owns one of the most powerful weapons on the planet, and his company has been connected with arms deals to known terrorist organizations. Director Fury is working on his own initiative, but there’s need for a team that can do the things that no one else can. It’s a “gray ops” team, heroes that can make the decisions that need to be made, but it’s not a wetworks team. Once everyone agrees, he discloses that he’s also owner of the Atlas Corporation, and some of the resources they’ll have access to will come from it instead of S.H.I.E.L.D. He also admits that he’s been around since WWII, and he has a fondness for an old team he used to work with: The Invaders.

The Beetle

Once everyone agrees to join the Invaders Initiative, he tells them about their first assignment. The Beetle has attacked a few tech companies stealing components over the past couple of weeks. He is believed to be a Latverian assassin with connections to the leader of Latveria, Count Victor von Doom.

It’s believed that his next target is Sunrise Labs, a private skunkworks owned by Stark International through a variety of shell corporations. The components he’s compiling comprise a highly advanced portable tactical computer, and the arc reactor would be the power source.

The team starts planning. Captain Britain does an aerial overview of Sunrise Labs, while Dirt Devil checks out the sewers. It is near the SF downtown area, and it is one of the tallest buildings in the area (25 stories tall), making it hard to hide any battle that might occur in the area (and harder to avoid civilian collateral damage).

Bobby goes to a local nightclub to learn more, and gets into a fight with a Russian thug.

Sunspot looks into Latverian businesses in the area, and runs across the American campas of the Werner Academy, the most prestigious technical school in the world. Captain Britain flies by the Academy, but only two of the offices have windows. They appear to be normal.

The team formulates a series of tasks to prepare for the attack.

  • Corporate raid on Sunrise, which forces an inventory check.
  • SHIELD drones are conducting surveillance of Sunrise.
  • Woo rents the building adjacent to Sunrise.
  • The team asks Woo to look into renting offices in the Werner Academy building.

Now, they wait….