Marvel's The Invaders

A Sinister Plan Revealed

Issue 10


  • Captain Britain and Torch help with the Invasion of New York. As they do, the Claw vampires attack Doctor Strange to acquire the skull. They fail, but Strange is badly hurt — he needs to go into deep meditation to avoid becoming a vampire.
  • Skull is back in Captain Britain’s hands. He takes it to the New York Atlas office.


  • The rest of the team flies back to New York, and discusses how they can handle their public image.
  • Start reaching out to charity events that are multicultural and non-political. Atlas also donates in the Invader’s name.
  • Hire a PR person. Kate Kildare.
  • Team Popularity: Incredible (39)
  • Team Resources: Monstrous (78). Non-profit extension of EdC Industries and Atlas; Karma loss to use.
  • PR damage against Hammer Industries, tying keywords of alien invasion to awkward footage of Hammer robots failing (from Iron Man 2).
  • Dirt Devil’s background (as an outcast member of the royal caste of Morlocks) is put out, along with spun versions of every person’s backstory.
  • Discussion about which celebrity Bobby should date. Miley Cyrus?


  • Discuss where to put the skull. Options include SHIELD black site, Wakanda, the Tower of London, and having the Hulk eat it.
  • Tommy Ng, the CEO of Atlas, announces an acquisition by AIM.
  • George Tarleton installed as the Chief Scientist over Atlas New York office. Bornag Royale invested as the head of Legal.
  • Roberto sends Woo his login information for Atlas and SHIELD, and he puts out information that the Invaders have gone rogue.
  • Fly to Canada to go back to Bella Coola, BC. They go get some poutine.
  • They start to tell the locals about what happened.
  • Francis Goddard comes to ask if they can help.
  • They are invited to take possession of an abandoned farm outside of town.


  • They decide to try to find Baron Blood.
  • Captain Britain reaches out to MI-6 with Spitfire or Union Jack.
  • Transferred to MI-13. Pete Wisdom tells them that Spitfire is actually a vampire that was converted by Baron Blood.
  • Coat the box with pure vibranium.
  • Take the plane to England.
  • Meanwhile, Bobby and Mimic ask the X-Men to help them out.
  • Dirt Devil reaches out to his father (Karin, East Texas) to leave a vibranium box.
  • Woo forwards an email from Tarleton. They hired Ulysses Klaue as a backup plan to find vibranium. Roberto forwards it to Al-Jazeera.
  • Dirt Devil realizes that it’s possible the vibranium could be burst into the atmosphere and absorb the sunlight.
  • They attempt to fix the Crimson Dynamo armor, and put it back into the suitcase.
  • Elsa and Cap go through airport.
  • They go to North Court manor, and Pete Wisdom takes them up to see her.
  • Pete Wisdom tries to prevent Spitfire from leaving, but she resists. Says that Captain Britain can invite her out of the protective spell. He does she, and she leaves, breaking the spell. Pete Wisdom is pissed, but doesn’t stop them.


  • They drop Roberto off at Stark Tower and keep flying to Winchester.
  • They meet Pepper Potts, and she takes them to meet Tony Stark.
  • Carbondinium. They give him the rights to the material.
  • Pepper Potts turns into Super-Adaptoid.
  • They capture all the AIM soldiers.


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