Marvel's The Invaders

Attack of the Mole Man!

The Invaders: Issue #5


  • Everyone gets a UV flashlight from SHIELD
  • Tony Stark is now in the middle of congressional hearings.


  • Blade and Bloodstone interrogate the captured vampire.
  • Put vampire into plexiglass airtight cell.
  • Vampire tries to disguise itself as mist.
  • He fails and confesses. He’s from South Africa.
  • Two sects of vampires — one who used Beetle (Mystikos sect), and one who used Dynamo (Nosferatu sect, using Mystikos as a cut-out).
  • Claw vampires work for a man he only knows as “Iceman” who wasn’t part of the sect, but claimed to represent a “higher power.”
  • Blade suspects it’s Deacon Frost.
  • Believe Deacon Frost is trying to become a vampire lord.
  • Team suspects that Frost might be after the skull of John the Baptist.


  • Roberto shows Banner his SHIELD file. Mentions he doesn’t trust Woo or Atlas.


  • The team suspects that vampire lords can see through the eyes of their subordinates, so Blade goes to kill the vampire.
  • They decide to get more information. Doctor Strange and Merlin are consulted.
  • Blade leaves to go deal with Deacon Frost.


  • Woo, Mimic, and Captain Britain talk to lawyers.
  • They fly over in an Atlas private jet. Britain talks to Merlin. Suggests talking to the Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Bornag Royale is the lawyer for Advanced Idea Mechanics. AIM starts a takeover attempt on Atlas.
  • Woo and team meets with the senior legal team of Royale Legal, Ltd. in New York to get a face-to-face.
  • An distinguished British man. The British characters may have heard that he’s distantly related to the Windsors.
  • He represents a company known as Advanced Idea Mechanics that wants to make an “attractive offer” for Atlas.
  • Mimic notices that Bornag knows more about Atlas.


  • Bloodstone, Iceman, and Dirt Devil talk to Dr. Strange.
  • Iceman calls Wolverine and asks about Dr. Strange.
  • Mentions that he’s glad that some of Dirt Devil’s people survived.
  • Asks him about the skull of John the Baptist.
  • Suggests that Doctor Doom might be involved.
  • Offers to hide it in a different dimension.
  • Hands them a business card.


  • Roberto says he’s going into Vatican computer systems, but really going into SHIELD’s site.
  • Looking on info on Avengers Initiative, on the team, on Banner, and vampires.
  • Account is now on Level 7 access.
  • Invisible folders. Could access on the New York server.
  • Sunspot flies to New York.


  • Collapse in a Pennsylvania mine. People claim they’ve seen someone that looks like a monster.
  • They see that the mines are connected to Hammer Industries.
  • Dirt Devil drills holes to diffuse the smoke.
  • Everyone but Sunspot go into the cave.
  • Moloids come out of the walls.
  • Turns out to be Mole Man. A couple dozen Moloids are attacking the people.
  • Capture Mole Man and his staff!


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