Marvel's The Invaders


The Invaders: Issue #0

New York, 1944

The Invaders are a super-team devoted to stopping the Axis powers. The Liberty Legion is a sub-team focused on U.S. domestic problems.

Baron Blood has announced over the radio that he has taken control of the 35th floor of the Empire State Hotel, and is in possession of a new kind of bomb that will destroy most of New York within 24 hours if American troops are not pulled out of Britain and Africa. President Roosevelt refuses to negotiate, and calls for the Liberty Legion.

Four Legionnaires answer the call: Spirit of ’76, Red Raven, the Thin Man, and Jack Frost. A couple of them have fought Baron Blood before, and know that he is a vampire. Wood and silver works on him, so Spirit of ‘76 gives a rousing speech asking for donations to fight for justice. The assembled crowds give up their silver jewelry, while the police hand over their wooden batons, all while chanting the Legion’s name.

After some reconnaissance, they decide to get onto the Thin Man’s plane and attack from the roof. The machine guns on the plane easily take out the guards, which they capture upon jumping out of the plane and landing on the roof. Red Raven and the Thin Man disable the strange Nazi-tech VTOL they find, while the rest of the Legion discovers that the Nazi guards are wearing Hydra insignia.

Spirit of ’76 tries to kick down the door, but guards behind the door shoot through it. The heroes avoid serious injury and manage to bust down the door. Jack Frost freezes one while Spirit of ’76 and the Thin Man take out another. Thin Man notices that the power in the building has been rerouted somewhere, and when they enter the 35th floor that Baron Blood has taken control of, the lights are dark.

As they cautiously enter the hotel, they are attacked by a swarm of rats! The Legion handily take them out, and they listen at the door of room 3502. Inside they hear voices, including one voice that says “I will activate the bomb and then destroy you.”

The team leaps into action. They investigate the neighboring room, 3501, and rescue the hotel workers and businessmen that are captured there. Red Raven flies outside the building to look in on the other room. Spirit of ’76 is given a couple of grenades captured from the guards to blow through the adjoining wall, while the Thin Man and Jack Frost enter and confront Baron Blood.

The plan goes flawlessly, and the team uses their wooden and silver weapons to good effect. The bomb is a large metal crate containing a (by our standards) primitive fission device. In the room is the bomb’s inventor, Dr. Martin, who is beaten and trapped in the room with Baron Blood and two of his wolves. Red Raven rescues Dr. Martin before he is thrown from the balcony, while Spirit of ‘76 surprises the Baron and takes on the wolves. The Thin Man jumps to work defusing the bomb. The Baron tries to take control of Jack Frost, but Jack’s will is too strong. Eventually, the Legion manages to push Blood to the point where he can stop the Thin Man from disarming the device, or flee and save his own life. He decides to flee. Another victory for the Liberty Legion!


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