Marvel's The Invaders

Operation: Frostbite

Issue 7


  • Tony Stark’s issues are resolved.
  • Hammer Industries’ stock plummets.
  • AIM buys the mine after the incident.


  • Doctor Strange casts a ritual to hide the skull of John the Baptist.
  • The group still has the vibranium box.
  • Captain Britain would like to track down the SHIELD agent who had the clarity to retrieve the silvered broadsword (Alisande “Ali” Morales), the courage to use it, and the quick-thinking to toss it to him. He’d like to thank her for her actions and bravery, recommend her for a commendation for her actions (can Woo help with this?), and keep an eye on her career. He senses great potential.
  • Roberto updates the team on Operation: Frostbite.


  • Goes to talk to Woo about “going rogue.” Meet at a Mexican restaurant.
  • Woo asks about Strange.
  • Talk about the vampires infiltrating SHIELD and Atlas (a few people in Atlas).
  • Discuss the reason behind why Mystikos and Frost are working together.
  • Dracula is Lord of the Vampires; controls all vampires.
  • Put a false report in the database: Mystikos tried to use the skull, and it killed him.
  • 3D print the skull, adding in a tracker and frozen holy water. Also a fake box.
  • Also discuss the concerns about SHIELD infiltration.
  • Project: Frostbite — the US government should not have Steve Roger’s remains.
  • Captain America’s remains or shield would have intense mystical elements.
  • Peggy Carter might have more information.
  • What about the vibranium?
  • Bobby asks Beast about how to track vibranium. He says it’s theoretically possible, but he won’t.
  • Woo will look into AIM.
  • They leave Woo with the check.


  • Fly to New York.
  • Captain Britain calls Doctor Strange about the Shadow King.
  • Mimic calls Forge about vibranium.
  • Forge makes a vibranium detector.
  • Mimic goes to the mine and mentally scans the people at the mine. Shifted to mining vibranium — equipment is AIM, but the employees still believe they work for Hammer Industries.
  • Mimic then goes to the helicarrier. Jeffrey Parks took Mole Man. Surface thoughts — all on alert, but overhear two words: Hail Hydra.
  • Bobby calls the receptionist at the New York Atlas office. Orders two dozen pizzas and ice sculptures of the team.
  • Bobby also buys a sports car, discretionary funds, and does a search for nightclubs.
  • Ask Woo about Hydra, and he seems concerned.
  • Read Peggy Carter’s file.


  • Goes to the M1-5 Club.
  • Gets a lot of women into the VIP room (which he reserves).
  • Notices a man he recognizes, but can’t place the face. Security follows him; mentions that he has a gun and kicks him out. Bobby takes a picture with his phone. No record in Atlas files.
  • Texted the picture to Mimic, who recognizes him as Jeffrey Parks.
  • Bobby ices over in the club and smashes through the glass (and the room) to chase after Parks. Captures him.
  • The team controls the scene. Roberto is trending on Twitter, and other members of the team are noticed.
  • Parks foams at the mouth and dies. Mimic tries to get him to the hospital, but it’s too late. Before Parks dies, Mimic learns that Parks and all the agents with him that removed Mole Man were Hydra agents.
  • Woo looking into other agents that escorted Mole Man out.


  • Captain Britain and Mimic go to Long Term Care Hospital in Rockland, NY.
  • They agree to bury Rogers instead of giving him to the US government. But she draws them a map.


  • Takes them to a secure room. Drop the word “Hydra.”
  • Coulson shares his information. Got a report about a Russian oil team call finding something in the same 50-mile radius. (It’s full daytime there now.)
  • They share information. Coulson says he has a jet. (The Bus – 616)
  • Mimic and Iceman fly there now. The rest of the team arrives 20 minutes later.
  • Mind-scan the people there. Six contracted scientists stationed there to observe the object. They are doing initial studies.
  • Bobby patrols the perimeter.
  • Coulson’s team land, and they make their way into the plane. They find the shield.
  • They perfectly melt and distribute the ice. They take Rogers to the Bus.
  • Tanks!
  • They find it was all automated. Abandoned Hydra defense base.
  • They leave the scientists and a few agents to explore.
  • Captain America is found, and rushed back to SHIELD H.Q.
  • Some kind of radio signal blinks on Cap’s belt. They shut it off and fly him back.
  • Discuss what to do with Captain America.


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