Marvel's The Invaders

The Final Death of Simon Mystikos

The Invaders: Issue #6


  • The team has a meeting away from James Woo and SHIELD while they are in Pennsylvania.
  • Roberto da Costa (Sunspot) shares some information about what he’s found. Captain America/Operation: Frostbite, and Banner (based on Super Soldier serum).
  • Points out that the team isn’t exactly brimming with American sentiment or upstanding citizens.
  • Asks their help in getting access to a server in New York (111 Eighth Avenue). Explicitly breaking the law to break into it.
  • Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) has concerns. But Roberto needs the team.
  • Captain Britain has Mole Man’s staff, but it doesn’t feel magic.
  • The team decides to go check out New York, using the discussion with Doctor Strange as a cover.
  • Taking Mole Man to SHIELD headquarters in New York. Captain Britain takes staff to Doctor Strange, while the rest of the team goes to 111 Eighth Avenue.


  • SHIELD helicarrier. They requisition a couple of flying cars.
  • Doctor Strange’s office. Hear him speaking in Italian.
  • Summarizes the attack to Strange. Strange mentions it is a psychically enhancing device.
  • There’s a false skull in the Vatican. It was originally stolen sometime around WWII.
  • Strange agrees to go to the skull to preserve it.


  • Mimic carries Mole Man as they fly to New York.
  • Mole Man was promised to rule the underworld by AIM if he disrupted it.
  • Spoken to George Tarleton, and learned that the mine contains trace amounts of vibranium.
  • Drop Mole Man off at the helicarrier.
  • Arrive at 111 Eighth Avenue.
  • Look for Atlas Corporation.
  • They find out that their badges can display holographic maps of the area.
  • They go to a conference room. Roberto goes hacking and finds the room that the server is held in.
  • It’s a clean room, with a cleaning robot.
  • Computer search set up to look for deaths after increase in fortune (i.e., potential visions): A seller earned 18 million renminbi before dying of a heart attack. (Chinese government official named Martin Li.) The purchaser was Doctor Doom.
  • Spoof access to Level 10.
  • Operation Frostbite: the search for Captain America’s body.
  • Some names in the file are marked with ?
  • Information on vampires appear to be missing. As if a vampire in SHIELD is removing information.
  • Atlas has file on Deacon — “Duplication?”
  • AIM and George Tarleton: Chief Scientist of AIM, but lost control of his limbs during an accident.
  • “Agent Smith” is the alias of the internal hacker.
  • Find Coulson’s personal notes in invisible folders.
  • Woo calls Robert Drake (Iceman), and says Mole Man isn’t at the helicarrier. Bobby immediate suspects Mimic.


  • The meet at the roof of 111 Eighth Avenue in the flying car, and take off the headsets.
  • A vampire has infiltrated SHIELD, and his agents took Mole Man.
  • Goes to New Mexico.
  • Remember that SHIELD knows about the security on the skull.
  • Everyone but Roberto goes to San Francisco; Roberto goes to New Mexico.
  • Roberto calls Woo and tells him everything. Woo tells them not to trust anyone.


  • Get calls that SHIELD agents are firing on each other, and the sensors go off.
  • Attack!
  • Simon Mystikos is killed.
  • One frozen vampire, and one watch.
  • Helicopter crew are desiccated corpses.
  • Defrost the vampire, and it becomes desiccated.
  • Woo shows up.
  • They check the box, and make sure the skull is still there. It is.
  • Elsa calls her father. He’s mildly impressed.


  • Lands next to the dome in New Mexico.
  • One of the agents dehydrated and died.
  • Coulson will loop them into Operation: Frostbite
  • Gives him the number for “The Cavalry.”


Captain Britain would like to track down the SHIELD agent who had the clarity to retrieve the silvered broadsword (name TBD), the courage to use it, and the quick-thinking to toss it to him. He’d like to thank her for her actions and bravery, recommend her for a commendation for her actions (can Woo help with this?), and keep an eye on her career. He senses great potential.

The Final Death of Simon Mystikos

Will do! (Shit, now I need to give her a name….)

The Final Death of Simon Mystikos
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