Marvel's The Invaders

Vampire Hunt

The Invaders: Issue #4


  • They talk about how the Hulk had been around (and controlled by the Shadow King) for a week.
  • Woo tells them about Amahl Farouk, and suggests they go to Xavier to help him resist Farouk’s influence in future.
  • Woo offers Banner a place on the team. The rest of the team agrees. Banner is reluctant, but he says that he will stay on and act as a consultant for the time being.
  • Woo points out that there may be a connection between all the cases thus far. The team kick around ideas, and consider that Latvaria hasn’t asked for the skull back yet.
  • They land on The Ship and go their separate ways while they wait for Blade and settle Dr. Banner.


  • Bobby gets a shipment of holy water and wetsuits.
  • Roberto looks at Banner’s file in the SHIELD network. It’s flagged for Director Fury’s review as part of the Avengers Initiative.
  • They discuss whether Sunspot’s powers count as “sunlight” against vampires. Inferno matches are mentioned, and Sunspot points out that he can only do this for a few minutes at night.
  • They decide (naturally) to go to a nightclub.
  • Sunspot looks for rent-controlled apartments for 50+ years in major US cities. Doesn’t pan out, but he does discover a number of companies that handles rent-controlled apartment and houses for families and estates.
  • Elsa calls a few people, but no one knows about vampires in San Francisco. Doesn’t find much.
  • Shop for clothing and silver weapons.
  • Go to The Temple nightclub.
  • Mimic uses Telepathy to convince the guard that he’s the relief, and gets the team in with weapons.
  • They relax, pick up some women, have some drinks.
  • Mimic: Works the door. Noticing that the club has an unusual amount of success. Women hit on him, and he uses mental powers to convince them they had sex.
  • Roberto: Talks to some women to get Mimic laid. Pays the DJ to finish the set.
  • Elsa: Places cameras over the nightclub. One looking at the VIP room. She also gets a lot of free drinks, which is on the up-and-up.
  • Captain Britain: People watching. Everyone seems to having a good time universally. Which is weird.
  • Bobby: Goes to the VIP lounge, goes with two girls. They have a good time. Turns out, everyone there is middle-of-the-road.
  • They don’t find any vampires.


  • Blade gets off a private jet. Suddenly, vampires attack!
  • They capture one unconscious vampire.
  • Go back to The Ship.
  • Blade claims they’re part of the Claw sect, and were probably coming after him.
  • He mentions that the sects are consolidating. The team mentions a mystical artifact.
  • Talks about the Mystikos sect and how they’re a modern sect.
  • They spill the beans to Blade.
  • Woo mentions that he lured the law firm out. The law firm is Royale Legal, Ltd., owned by Bornag Royale.
  • Ask Woo to approach the legal team with Atlas.


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