Alisande Morales

Up-and-Coming SHIELD Agent


Fighting Good (10)
Agility Typical (6)
Strength Typical (6)
Endurance Good (10)
Reason Good (10)
Intuition Good (10)
Psyche Good (10)

Health 32
Karma 30

Resources Excellent

Talents Military, First Aid, Detective, Espionage, Martial Arts, Special Weapons, Marksman


  • Armored Suit (Good protection against physical attacks and Excellent protection from fire)
  • Blaster (Excellent damage, 5-area range)
  • Thermite Bomb (Excellent fire damage)
  • Handgun (Good damage)
  • Strangling wire, flexible saw, encrypted cellphone and earpiece, two ammo clips

Alisande Morales

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