The Beetle

Technological Mercenary


Fighting Excellent/Typical
Agility Typical/Good
Strength Incredible/Typical
Endurance Incredible/Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 106/32
Karma 32
Resources Good
Popularity -10




Armor: Excellent protection vs. physical attacks and Remarkable from energy. The suit also jams all microwave transmissions within three areas with Incredible ability.

Battle Computer: On-board computer that has Amazing ability to predict combat maneuvers of opponents. This also controls all the suit’s systems. If this computer is disabled, the Beetle Armor may malfunction (red Psyche FEAT to remain in control).

Ensnarement Coils: Incredible grapple attack.

Electro-Bite: Touch or blast for Monstrous damage. Must recharge for two rounds after use.

Flight: Winged flight at Incredible air speeds.

Razor-wing: The wings are razor sharp and can inflict Amazing edged damage

All powers derive from the Beetle battle suit. When not armored Leila’s statistics are:


  • Repair/Tinker
  • Aerial Combat


  • Victor Von Doom

The Beetle

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