Brian Braddock (Captain Britain)

British national hero on loan to the U.S.


Fighting: Incredible (37)
Agility: Remarkable (26)
Strength: Remarkable (26)
Endurance: Remarkable (26)
Reason: Typical (5)
Intuition: Incredible (37)
Psyche: Excellent (16)

Health: 115
Karma: 96
Popularity: 10 (Good)
Resources: Excellent (16)


Body Armor: Remarkable (26)

A bio-electrical force field that acts as Body Armor against all physical and energy attacks.

Flight: Excellent (16)

The Captain can fly with Excellent speed.

Costume: Limitation

Captain Britain’s costume enhances his natural abilities. Without the costume reduce all Traits and Power ratings by one rank.


Physics, computers, and chemistry



Brian Braddock lives at Braddock Manor and is independently wealthy. The Manor basement houses a powerful computer built by Brian’s father which he is still learning to use to its full potential.

Brian Braddock (Captain Britain)

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