Crimson Dynamo

Russian mobster turned armored stooge


Real Name: Valentin Shatolov

Fighting: Remarkable/Excellent
Agility: Excellent/Good
Strength: Monstrous/Good
Endurance: Monstrous/Good
Reason: Good
Intuition: Good
Psyche: Good

Health: 200
Karma: 30
Resources: Amazing
Popularity: 0


All of the Crimson Dynamo’s powers derive from his armored battlesuit, which provides the following powers.

Body Armor: Amazing

The Crimson Dynamo Mark IV armor is made of a carborundum matrix alloy, which provides Amazing protection from physical, energy, heat, and cold. It also provides Unearthly protection against radiation and Incredible protection against corrosives.

Electro-Blasters: Monstrous

These are the suit’s primary weapons systems, located in the gauntlets. The blasters cause up to Monstrous electrical damage, or can stun opponents with Amazing ability, at a range of 3 areas. A built-in targeting computer provides +1 CS to hit and can track multiple targets (up to 2 attacks with a Yellow FEAT).

Electric Touch: Monstrous

The armor can also channel electricity along its surface, causing Monstrous electrical damage or stunning with Amazing ability on contact.

Force Beam: Amazing

The armor is also equipped with gauntlet mounted particle beam projectors which can cause up to Amazing force or blunt attack damage at a range of 7 areas.

Tractor Beam: Amazing

The gauntlet mounted tractor beam exerts Amazing strength up to 5 areas distant. It is generally used to pull an opponent or object towards it, or hold an opponent or object in place. Note that the Tractor Beam cannot cause any damage by itself. A strength FEAT roll is required to break free of the Tractor Beam’s power.

Laser Beam: Amazing

This is a gauntlet mounted laser, causing up to Amazing energy damage at a range of 5 areas.

FusionCaster: Unearthly

The Crimson Dynamo’s most powerful weapon is a chest mounted fusioncaster, which causes Unearthly energy damage at a range of 5 areas. However, the fusioncaster can only be used once every 10 turns.

Flight: Amazing

The armor is equipped with electrically powered boot jets, which Amazing airspeed.

Air Supply

The armor is equipped with an internal air supply which can last up to 1 hour. The air supply will automatically replenish itself if exposed to air.

Life Support

The armor is also equipped with a full spectrum chemical biological nuclear environment which can work for 450 hours.

Sensors: Incredible

The armor provides infravision with Incredible ability. The armor is also equipped with radar, sonar, microwave, thermal, and infra-red detection units. Each has a range of 10 miles and functions with Incredible ability.

E.C.M: Incredible

The Crimson Dynamo armor can jam Radar with Incredible ability.

Communicators: Excellent

The armor is also equipped with an all band radio communicator, several private frequency lines, and an AM/FM radio transceiver, all of which operates with Excellent ability.


Military, Leadership, Politics


Russian mobster who stole a Soviet-era supersoldier project and used it for petty crime. He tried to expand his spree to the United Kingdom, running afoul of Captain Britain and MI-13.

Crimson Dynamo

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