Dirt Devil

Lost member of a subterranean race


Fighting: Monstrous (63)
Agility: Incredible (37)
Strength: Incredible (37)
Endurance: Incredible (37)
Reason: Remarkable (26)
Intuition: Feeble (1)
Psyche: Amazing (46)

Health: 163
Karma: 26
Experience: 10
Popularity: 30 (Excellent)
Resources: Poor (3)


Permanent Armor Skin: Remarkable (26)

This is a form of Body Armor. The hero’s skin is transformed into a damage-resistant form. The Power rank number decreases the Intensity of any physical or energy attack. This decrease applies each turn for as long as the attack continues. The body is covered in interlinked plates like an insect’s chitin or an armadillo’s shell.

In all of these forms, any damage that is suffered is healed at normal rates by the skin cells that underlie and support the specialized cells of the Armor Skin.

Hyper-Digging: Remarkable (26)/Amazing (52)

The hero can travel swiftly through the earth by burrowing a tunnel at Power rank speed (land movement rate). The Power can be used indefinitely. Burrowing remains the hero’s
preferred mode of transportation, when compared to running or especially to inconceivable activities like flying.

Normally the tunnel the hero makes collapses within 10 turns of the hero’s passage at a specific spot. The exception is the tunnel within 10 feet of the hero’s current location. This allows the hero to occasionally stop. A tunnel never collapses on the hero, unless a higher Intensity force is applied. Examples include explosives, Vibration, and Matter Animation. If the hero wants to build a relatively permanent tunnel, his movement rate is cut in half as he takes the time to make reinforced walls.

The hero may burrow through materials with lower Material Strength than his Power rank. Materials with equal or greater Material Strength are obstacles to be detoured around. If the hero also possesses Hyper-Strength, Armor Skin, Body Resistance, or True Invulnerability, he can add such Powers’ rank numbers to this Power’s rank number [already done]. This might permit the hero to burrow through harder materials, like granite intrusions or bank vaults, at half speed. When creating the hero, the player must choose a Bonus Power of either Natural Weaponry/Claws or Body Resistance. The rank of either is at least equal to this Power’s rank.

Natural Weaponry/Claws: Remarkable (26)

The hero’s body contains special anatomical features that can function as weapons. These may be of any nature and can be external, internal, or retractable. If these are damaged the hero suffers as if they were normal body parts.

When creating the hero, the player decides the nature of the weaponry. The weaponry chosen possesses this Power and rank taken as material strength for purposes of determining potential damage.

A drawback to this Power is that if the hero is somehow deprived of his Natural Weaponry, he suffers a loss to his Fighting Ability equal to his weapon’s rank. Example: Due to a mishap with a matter transmitter, Wolverine temporarily loses his claws. He’s so shaken that his normal Incredible Fighting Ability drops to Feeble. If the Natural Weaponry is made of materials not normally found in the body, it makes the hero vulnerable to attacks that affect those materials. For instance, Wolvie has a -1CS resistance to Magneto’s powers, since they can affect his metal skeleton.


Weapon Specialty (Claws), Geology, Engineering



Real Name: Orin – Era

Dirt Devil

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