Dr. Stephen Strange

Sorcerer Supreme


Fighting: Good (10)
Agility: Excellent (20)
Strength: Typical (6)
Endurance: Remarkable (30)
Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Monstrous (75)
Psyche: Unearthly (100)
Health: Monstrous (66)
Karma: 185
Popularity: Shift-0 (0)
Resources: Good (10)

Magic: Master of Order Magic and Sorcerer Supreme.


-Alteration-Appearance: Amazing. Doctor Strange can change his own appearance as well as the appearance of those in the same area.
-Astral Projection: Unearthly
-Levitation: Incredible
-Shield-Individual: Amazing
-Telepathy: Unearthly
-All other Personal spells he may use are of an Amazing power rank.


-Conjure: Amazing
-Eldritch Beams/Bolts: Monstrous
-Mesmerism: Amazing
-Teleportation: Amazing
-All other Universal spells he may use are of an Amazing power rank.


-Cyttorak: Amazing
-Dimensional Aperture: Monstrous
-Hoggoth: Amazing
-Raggadorr: Monstrous
-Seraphim: Amazing
-Vishanti: Unearthly
-All other Dimensional spells he may use are of an Amazing power rank.

Miscellaneous Spells

-Mists of Morpheus: Monstrous
-Spell of Silence: Automatic with NO FEAT roll needed.
-All other Miscellaneous spells he may use are of an Amazing power rank.


Medicine, Occult Lore, Mythological Lore, Martial Arts A and E.


• Cloak of Levitation: Its origin completely unknown, perhaps with the exception of Enitharmon the Weaver, this ancient Cloak is a powerful item. Like the name suggest it has the ability to levitate. Nearly indestructible (equivalent to Unearthly material Strength), it was woven by an entity that is almost forgotten. The wearer will be able to fly magically at without taxing his own personal mystical powers. It is operated by mental commands, and even responds when separated from him by vast physical distances. The maximum rate of speed at which the cloak can carry it’s wearer is Shift-X airspeeds. The maximum weight the cloak can levitate is equivalent to Incredible strength. The cloak once was nearly destroyed and the levitational force came out of alignment with the fabric. Luckily Enitharmon the Weaver managed to repair it. When special magical spells are used, the cloak can alter his form to resemble other clothes. The past years it was made to resemble a poncho and an trenchcoat.
When Strange first left the Himalaya’s, it was this cloak that he received from the Ancient One. When he took on Dormammu for the first time, Dr Strange acquired the red Cloak and the old purple Cloak was not used for many years.

• Wand of Watoomb: The Wand of Watoomb is an amulet that will greatly enhance its owners magical energies. As some sort of conduct to magical energy it can be used in a variety of ways. It was once parted in two pieces, but joined together by the sorcerer Xandu. After a number of battles between Xandu and Dr. Strange it came into the possession of the Sorcerer Supreme.

• Scroll of Watoomb: The Scroll of Watoomb hold some of the most powerful spells of Watoomb itself. Therefore they can control wind and atmosphere. Much of these powers are held in the Scrolls which make them a mighty amulet.

• The Ruby of Dominion: The Ruby of Dominion is an talisman that allows its controller to control at least one other being. The Sorcerer Xandu was able to use it against the Thing of the Fantastic Four but Strange was able to free him and he shattered the Ruby. The Ruby will become even more powerful when the eye of Agamotto is used as a magical conduct. The amount of beings that the ruby is able to control will increase. And on this level it will be possible to control a very large mass of people (or other living beings).

• The Eye of Agamotto: The Eye of Agamotto is one of two occult objects that are currently in Doctor Strange’s possession which are empowered by the mysterious extra-dimensional entity known as Agamotto. The Eye can radiate a blinding light of immeasurable mystic force. Under the brilliance of this so-called “all-revealing light,” It will make its wielder able to see through disguises, invoke images of the immediate past, and track both corporeal and ethereal beings by their psychic or magical emissions. The Eye enables the wielder to more easily probe the minds of sentient beings. When used thusly, the amulet opens and releases a representation of a golden eye, which affixes itself to its wielder’s forehead, allowing him to “see” into the mind he wished to probe. The Eye also can be used to provide a gateway into other dimensions. When called upon under the proper Incantations, the amulet will separate from its backing, seemingly enlarge to a size several feet in diameter, and then open, revealing a portal to other worlds. It can be used this way to visit the realm of Eternity. As the amulet is controlled chiefly by thought and force of will, the wielder of the amulet establishes a psychic link with it. Indeed, when the wielder leaves his body in astral form, as astral duplicate of the amulet-capable of nearly all of the amulet’s functions, albeit at slightly less powerful levels-travels with him. As an object of ‘white magic’ it can be only operated by a person possessing pure thoughts and a clean soul.

• Amulet of Agamotto: The Amulet of Agamotto is not as powerful as the Eye but it is powerful enough. This amulet was the one that Strange used in the beginning of his career as magical protector of the Earth. Later he gave the amulet to his apprentice Rintrah. It is known that the amulet can project beams of hot mystical energy, unbearable bright light and just as the Eye, probe minds. The amulet can also be controlled by the mind. Which means that it also is in the possession of a spiritual form.

• Orb of Agamotto: Originally made by the all-seeing Agamotto himself the large crystal orb allows the user to view any events of mystical and non-mystical significance occurring throughout his sphere of influence. Aside from these abilities the orb can be used as an dimensional gateway. It also holds a special dimension of its own. It is in this ‘Realm of the Orb’ that you can often find Agamotto himself. The orb itself has the ability to float and it is possible to use magic to recreate the orb, when it is destroyed by physical means.

• The Book of the Vishanti: A treatise on magic compiled by the Vishanti themselves, its contents reveal most of the ancient secrets of the multiverse and it is said to contain all spells and counterspells known to man. It is known that there was once a copy in the library of Alexandria of ancient Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra. Still a scroll at that time. After being bound it eventually found its way to the babylonian regions. It was here that the Ancient One was able to obtain the ancient tome by time-travelling to ancient Babylonia and defeating its guardian, a Griffin. Current entries are:
-Introduction by The Vishanti
-Pantheon of Mystical Deity’s
-The Vishanti
-The Trinity of Ashes
-Satannish the Supreme
-The Seraphim, Krakkan and Farallah
-Explaining the Multiverse
-History of the Dark Dimension
-The Faltine
-Dormammu and Umar
-The Mordo Chronicles
-Curse of the Darkhold Introduction
-The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
-The Dawn of Blood (birth of the Elder Gods)
-The Dawn of Blood (birth and rise of the Vampires)
-The legacy of Aelfric (and the Montesi dynasty)
-The turning and rise of Dracula
-The Emancipation Incantation

• The Darkhold: The Darkhold is an indestructible grimoire on black magic. Written by the elder god Chthon in words of flame to be used by him as a gateway to the Earth plane. The Darkhold is used for centuries by all sorts of magicians and the like before it came into the custody of Dr. Strange. It can be regarded as the ‘evil’ twin of The Book of the Vishanti.


At a young age, Stephen Strange had dreams of becoming a doctor. The eldest child of three, Strange was born in 1930 while his parents Eugene and Beverly Strange were vacationing in Philadelphia. At the age of eleven he aided his younger sister Donna when she was injured, which proved to be a formative experience for him, and he was inspired to attend med school after high school. Ironically, it was his inability to later save her from drowning when he was nineteen and on leave from college that undermined his belief in life’s meaning and the value of idealism. Nevertheless, he rapidly finished med school at a young age and became a successful neurosurgeon.

Strange displayed phenomenal talent in his chosen field, and quickly attained wealth and notoriety. The more successful he became, the more arrogant he grew. Eventually this led to estrangement from his family and the undoing of his relationship with a United Nations translator named Madeline Revell to whom he had proposed marriage. So distant and self-absorbed did he become that he refused to visit his father on his deathbed. His enraged younger brother Victor Strange berated him for this, and then was killed as he ran into traffic. Stephen then placed the body of his brother into cryogenic storage. At a much later stage Stephen attempted to restore his brother through magical means, but instead imbued him with the curse of vampirism.

A car accident that damaged the nerves in his hands changed everything for Stephen Strange. He was no longer able to be a surgeon, yet he refused to become an assistant or consultant, instead squandering his money traveling the world and searching for a cure. One day he heard a rumor of a mystical personage known as the Ancient One in Tibet. Marshaling the last of his inner and outer resources, Strange diligently searched until the fortress of the Ancient One was revealed to him. Though initially outraged that the aged mystic refused to cure his hands, Strange’s anger was quickly replaced by amazement when the reality of magical forces was demonstrated before his eyes as he witnessed an attack on the Ancient One.

Circumstances revealed to Strange that it was none other than Baron Mordo, the Ancient One’s chief disciple, who was the perpetrator of the attack, and who continued to plot the destruction of the antediluvian mystic in an attempt to gain power. To his horror, Strange learned he was unable to reveal this after Mordo easily ensorcelled him. Realizing the Ancient One was a force for good; Stephen selflessly abandoned his quest to restore his hands and committed himself to magical tutelage with the intention of foiling Mordo’s insidious scheme. By this act Strange proved himself to the Ancient One, to whom the entire melodrama had been transparent. Thus Doctor Strange put himself on the path to become the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth dimension, yet gained a deadly enemy in Baron Mordo.

Dr. Stephen Strange

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