Iron Man

Billionaire tech genius and superhero


Tony Stark

Fighting: Excellent
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Incredible/Typical
Endurance: Monstrous/Typical
Reason: Incredible
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Typical

Health: 155/52
Karma: 66
Resources: Amazing
Popularity: 70


All of Iron Man’s powers come from his suit of ar­mor.

Body Armor: Amazing

Resistances: Unearthly

The armor provides Unearthly resistance to radiation, plus Remarkable resistance to heat, cold, and acid.

Fire Extinguisher: Remarkable

The armor can spray a foam covering one area that reduces the effect of fire by an additional Remarkable amount.

Repulsors: Amazing

Each of the armor’s hand cover­ings contains a plasma projector in the palm, ca­pable of doing Amazing damage to any target up to 10 areas away.

Absorption: Unearthly

The armor can absorb Un­earthly amounts of electricity and channel this energy out through the suit’s repulsors or as electricity. The suit can be modified to absorb other types of energy.

Flight: Monstrous

Air Supply

Iron Man can close the eye and mouth holes in his armor. The armor is then air­ tight enough so that it can be used in outer space. The air supply in the suit is good for up to 2 hours in total vacuum or underwater.


Tony Stark has engineering talent, enabling him to invent and construct any device of Incredible power or less.

Iron Man

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