Ex-villain who just wants his life back


Fighting: Typical
Agility: Typical
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Typical
Reason: Typical
Intuition: Typical
Psyche: Typical

Calvin’s original physical stats are all rated at Typical with a health of 24. Should Calvin duplicate a stat that is better than one he possess it will take it’s place.

Health: 24
Karma: 18
Resources: Poor
Popularity: 15


Power Duplication: Unearthly

Mimic has the Unearthly ability to copy up to 5 peoples power sets at once. This allows him to use their powers at will and at the same time, but at half efficiency. Should he wish to duplicate anthers powers he would have to choose which set to abandon. His current sets include:

Fighting: Excellent
Regeneration: Amazing
Recovery: Amazing
Resistance – Toxins & drugs: Amazing
Enhanced Smell: Remarkable
Enhanced Hearing: Excellent
Bone Claws: Excellent. He can combine these with a Colossus form and gain Amazing claws.

Remarkable strength Optic Blasts

Strength: Amazing
Endurance: Amazing
Body Armor: Remarkable

Agility: Excellent
Flight: Unearthly

Professor X
Telepathy: Am/50


  • Mimic does not duplicate the innate safeguards incorporated in the original power unless he makes a successful Yellow FEAT.
  • May only Duplicate another mutants powers
  • May not duplicate talents or knowledge
  • May only duplicate 5 subjects at a time
  • May only duplicate at half the original potency, rounded up.


Martial Arts: A, B; Leadership


Real name: Calvin Rankin

Calvin Rankin was a regular boy until an accident changed his life: his father, Ronald Ranking, was making some experiments involving mutant genes. Calvin one day entered his lab and was intoxicated with some gas. This substance gave him his power: the ability to “mimic” other superhuman powers and regular human abilities. He knew he had powers when he realized he could mimic his friends sports abilities or his teachers intelligence. His “friends” though that he was a mutant, and tried to kill the boy. He escaped to his dad lab. His father tried to close the door to the place from the attackers, but an explosion took his life and left young Rankin alone. He went to college with a brash attitude, and things seemed to be normal.

One day, he met a librarian, Vera Canton, and her boyfriend, Henry McCoy, a.k.a. theBeast. Jealousy, he confronted him and his friend, Iceman, and got theirs powers. With no control, he just ran away. Other day he met Jean Grey, the now named Phoenix, and got her psionic powers. Hiding them this time, Calvin followed Jean to the X-Mansion and there helped the X-Men defeat the Puppet Master, who was attacking the group. Professor X asked him to join the X-Men, and he accepted. Since Cyclops was having problems with the leadership of the group, Xavier invited Rankin to be the new field leader. The Mimic became an X-Men, but his spirit was too aggressive: Charles eventually asked him to leave the group. He began to wonder across the U.S. and disappeared.


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