Wendell Vaughn

Overwhelmed SHIELD agent


Fighting: Excellent (16)
Agility: Excellent (16)
Strength: Good (8)
Endurance: Good (8)
Reason: Good (8)
Intuition: Excellent (16)
Psyche: Good (8)

Health: 48
Karma: 32
Resources: Good (8)/Unearthly (88) as SHIELD agent
Popularity: 20


  • Comms unit, business suit (black), sunglasses, SHIELD credentials (level six).
  • Plasma Beam Handgun: This weapon contains a pinch bottle magnetic field plasma projector. Its range is only three areas but it does Incredible energy damage. Duration of fire is six combat rounds on one power pack. It takes one combat round to switch power packs.
  • .30 Caliber Rapid-Fire Automatic Machine Pistol. The weapon fires armor-piercing .30 caliber shells which have spent uranium (high-density) cores. Each clip holds 60 rounds. The weapon has a variable rate of fire: single-shot (1 round), burst (3 rounds), or auto-fire (10 rounds). Effective range was six areas. Single-shot does Good physical damage. Burst increases damage by + 1CS, auto-fire by +2CS.
  • Uniform: Good protection versus physical attacks and Poor protection against energy attacks.

Espionage, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts A and B

Wendell Vaughn

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