Robert Drake (Iceman)

Hot-headed X-Man


Fighting: Good (10)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Typical (6)
Endurance: Remarkable (30)
Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Poor (4)
Psyche: Typical (6)

Health: 66
Karma: 55
Popularity: 6 (Typical)
Resources: Typical (6)


Ice Generation: Remarkable (26)

Iceman has Ice Generation abilities of Remarkable (30) level, allowing him to generate ice in any region with sufficient water vapor (including desert terrain). Drake can perform a number of Power stunts.

  • Create Shields of Remarkable protection
  • Create Weapons of Remarkable material strength. Wielding such a weapon, Drake is + 1CS to damage, making either an edged or blunt attack.
  • Create structures and supports of Remarkable material strength, These ice constructs have a basic lifespan of 5 rounds (4 rounds in hot weather, 15 rounds in cold) +1-10 rounds.
  • Project Cold with Remarkable ability, up to 3 areas distant
  • Create areas of Remarkable Intensity slickness


Drake has Class 1000 Resistance to Cold

Body Armor: Remarkable (30)

By “icing up,” Bobby provides Remarkable protection for himself from physical attacks. He has Good protection from energy attacks, but heat and fire-based attacks weaken his armor by the rank number of the attack.

Movement: Typical (6)

By creating ice slides, Bobby can move at 4 areas/round (Typical ground speed).


Bobby is skilled with thrown weapons (+1CS to hit, usually snowballs).



Iceman’s mutant abilities surfaced in adolescence, and he became the youngest of the original X-Men. Since then he has served in a number of teams. He is more wary now of creating massive ice constructions, from the damage their weight and meltoff can cause.

Robert Drake (Iceman)

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