Roberto da Costa (Sunspot)

Solar-powered Brazilian mutant


Fighting: Good (8)
Agility: Good (8)
Strength: Remarkable (26)
Endurance: Amazing (48)
Reason: Remarkable (26)
Intuition: Good (8)
Psyche: Good (8)

Health: 80
Karma: 40
Popularity: Incredible (36)
Resources: Excellent (16)


Absorption Power: Amazing (46)

Ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into increased Strength and Endurance as well as a couple of other power stunts:

  • Hyper-Strength: He can temporarily increase his Strength and Endurance +4CS to Unearthly and Shift Y rank, health goes up accordingly.
  • Plasma Generation: Amazing Heat, which gives off Incredible Light over 2 areas.

Flight: Excellent (24)

Sunfire can fly at Excellent airspeed.

Invulnerability: Incredible (36)

While in his “power-up” state, Sunspot has Incredible resistance to physical and energy damage.

Power Stunts

EMP Pulse – Roberto can use all of his remaining solar power to generate a Shift X EMP pulse, disabling all electronic devices in the area. Note – 1 stunt completed.

Weakness: Limitation

In unlighted places, Sunspot can use his powers for only D10+5 turns. On the 6th turn he must make an Endurance FEAT or lose -1CS to his powers. A second failure results in unconsciousness.


Pilot: Roberto is a pilot and has Excellent agility behind the controls of a plane or helicopter, he has Excellent Reason to do repairs

Business/Finance: Roberto has his college degrees in business administration and accounting, he has Remarkable Reason in the field and gets an additional +1 C/S to all Resource rolls.

Multilingual: Roberto speaks/reads and writes Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Classical Latin, Mandarin, as well as English fluently.

Acrobatics: Roberto is fast and nimble with Excellent fighting to evade, Excellent Agility to Dodge and Excellent (or Monstrous) Strength to escape from holds or grappling attacks

Computers: Roberto has Incredible Reason in the field of computer use, programming and hacking, building and repairing

Resist Domination: Bobby has been trained to resist mental attacks, probes and dominations at Excellent ability.

Trivia: Soccer and Magnum P.I.: Roberto has Remarkable Reason in the fields of soccer and Magnum P.I. and knows various bits of trivia, all the major players and behind the scenes facts.



UV flashlight
Level 9 Shield Account


Sunspot is Roberto da Costa, a Brazilian male, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He is the son of wealthy Afro-Brazilian businessman Emmanuel da Costa and a White Brazilian archaeologist Nina da Costa.

The relationship between Roberto and his father resembles more closely one of best friends than father and son. Nonetheless, Emmanuel constantly pushes his son to reach for both his physical and intellectual limits. Thanks to his father’s encouragement, Roberto rose to the position of star soccer player at school, and was considered by recruiters for the Olympic Games.

Shortly before his fourteenth birthday, Roberto was playing a soccer game with his team (the Thunderbolts) against their arch-rivals, the Dynamos. Racist members of the Dynamos assaulted Roberto during the game, and in response Roberto took matters into his own hands, initiating a fight on the field. While taking a brutal beating, his mutant powers manifested, suddenly transforming him into a creature of solid black solar energy. Surprised and terrified, people abandoned the stadium.

Sunspot is a mutant whose cells have the ability to absorb solar energy and convert it for use as physical strength. At will, he is able to take on a superhuman “powered up” form that is entirely nonreflective black, save for his eyes which turn a solid bright white. Though the color black optimizes solar absorption, he absorbs solar power at all times, not only when he is in his “powered up” form – indeed, if he has not absorbed sufficient amounts of solar energy in normal form, he will be too weak to “power up”. Likewise, when not in direct sunlight, Sunspot can exhaust his superhuman strength by using up the stores of energy within his body.

When in his solar form, Sunspot also has a corona effect, an aura that the air close to him manifests black globes of various sizes.

Although Sunspot can absorb energy from stars and reflected solar energy from the moon, the amounts that reach him on Earth are too minuscule to add significantly to his power.

Roberto da Costa (Sunspot)

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