The Hulk

Unreasoning monster


Fighting: Remarkable (30)/Poor
Agility: Good (10)/Typical
Strength: Unearthly (100)/Typical
Endurance: Monstrous (75)/Typical
Reason: Poor (4)/Remarkable
Intuition: Typical (6)/Good
Psyche: Remarkable (30)/Typical
Health: 215/22
Karma: 40
Popularity: Shift-0 (0)
Resources: Feeble (2)


True Invulnerability: Amazing

This is a combination of Resistances and Body Armor. The hero is immune to any physical harm, up to his rank’s limit. The immunity includes the following resistances: fire, heat, cold, electricity, radiation, corrosives, disease, poison, brute force, sonics, and kinetic bolts. The rank of the Invulnerability reduces the rank of the attack form.

Example: A Mandroid’s Excellent laser would do only Feeble damage against Good Invulnerability, and none at all against Remarkable Invulnerability.

The hero with this Power is still vulnerable to magical and mental attacks. If the hero should lose his True Invulnerability, his Fighting rank drops to Typical (he’s not used to avoiding blows).

Regeneration: Unearthly

The hero can rapidly recover from any wound. Cuts quickly close and disease symptoms disappear. The hero heals at an accelerated rate equal to the Power rank number times the normal amount of time. For example, a Typical rank can heal six times as fast as normal, an Unearthly rank heals at a hundredfold rate, and so on. With time, the hero can regrow large areas of lost tissue, especially severed limbs. Lost limbs or organs require a red FEAT. It cannot repair losses that resulted in the hero’s death unless the hero is revived. If such a fatal loss and subsequent revival occurs, the hero requires life-support equipment to give his Power time to function.

Self Revival: Unearthly

The hero’s Power is so strong that it can repair fatal damage and actually return the hero to life. The power functions despite the absence of life in the body. It repairs the major damage and replaces lost tissues at the same rate as Regeneration above. When the body is returned to minimum life sustaining condition, the hero comes back to life. This occurs despite any intervening time in which the hero was dead; from the hero’s point of view, no time has passed.

If the hero was dismembered, the Revival Power is concentrated on the largest remaining segment. The rest of the body decays normally. In rare cases, all body parts regrow. Depending on the size of the segment, each attains only partial redevelopment of growth, intelligence, and power. Even rarer are the cases where all the newly regrown bodies attain full development. Rarest of all is the case where all the new bodies share a single mind. The Judge can decide if he wants to allow such rare cases to intrude on his tidy campaign. This power contains aspects of Free Spirit and Matter Creation.

The color FEAT reflects the amount of the body available for the Power to work with. A green FEAT means all the body is present aside from spilled blood. A yellow FEAT means all vital organs are present, although some of the less vital parts may still be missing. A red FEAT is required if at most one quarter of the original body is available. If less is available, Revival cannot occur.

Hyper-Leaping: Class 5000

The hero can jump great distances. By repeated leaps, the hero can rapidly cover large distances. This Power’s minimum rank is +1CS greater than the hero’s Strength rank. If a lower rank is initially rolled, it must be raised to this level. The Power rank determines the distances the hero can safely leap: 2 miles up/across, and 3 miles down.

Innate safeguards in this Power enable the hero to safely land. (Otherwise he might break a leg attempting even a Good leap.) The effect is the same on the hero as if he were a Normal Human making a 2 foot leap up or across or descending 3 feet.

The effects on the area the hero lands on might not be the same as if a normal jump occurred. Consider that the Hulk splinters the pavement when he lands. To determine what sort of effects occur when the hero lands, the Judge should figure what kind of damage results when a weight five times that of the hero suddenly drops on the surface in question.

The actual landspeed varies with the angle of the leaps. The average landspeed for Hyper-leaping is a -3CS Land Movement rate. For example, an Excellent Leaper can travel 30 mph in a series of rapid 30-foot leaps. If the hero also possesses Hyper-speed, that can be added to this Power’s rank number for additional speed by increasing the frequency but not the size of the leaps.

Physical burdens do not decrease the hero’s speed, although they might decrease his control. Anything the hero is carrying is also protected by the innate safeguards against damage; the hero acts as a shock-absorber.

While the hero has a vague idea of where he is going, he can’t see his touchdown point. This can be a real hazard when the hero can make Monstrous leaps or better. For example, while leaping cross country, the Hulk landed on seven cars (two were moving at the time), one semi truck, eight roofs, a swimming pool, ten mud patches, one river, twelve power lines, three street lamps, 57 trees and bushes of various sizes, and a late Merino ram named Herbert. Judges can assume that the hero has enough control on his descent that he can swerve to avoid dangerous landing sites. The player must make a green Reason or Intuition FEAT (whichever Ability has the higher rank) every ten leaps to make sure he doesn’t come down on something he’d rather not have come down on.

Adrenaline Surge

The listed abilities and health scores are for the Hulk under “normal” circumstances. The Hulk’s Fighting and Strength may be raised +1CS to a maximum of Shift-Z to hit and damage. This requires the Hulk has to make a successful Psyche FEAT roll to shift increase and only if he was hurt that round. If the opponent or opponents are defeated, the Hulk’s abilities and health scores return to normal in the next round. The Hulk’s Regeneration/Self Recovery/Self Revival also increases +1CS to a maximum of Shift-Z each round until he is no longer taking damage (making the Hulk virtually unstoppable).

Alter Ego

He turns into the Hulk when he gets mad.


Banner Only: Physics and Radiation (Gamma).


At Culver University in Virginia, General Thunderbolt Ross meets with Dr. Bruce Banner, the colleague and lover of his daughter Betty, regarding an experiment that Ross claims is meant to make humans immune to gamma radiation. The experiment — part of a World War II era “super soldier” program that Ross hopes to recreate — fails, and the exposure to gamma radiation causes Banner to transform into the Hulk for brief periods of time, whenever his heart rate rises above 200. The Hulk destroys the lab and injures or kills the people inside. Banner becomes a fugitive from the U.S. military and Ross in particular, who wants to weaponize the Hulk process. Five years later, Banner works at a bottling factory in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, while searching for a cure for his condition. On the Internet, he collaborates with a colleague he knows only as “Mr. Blue”, and to whom he is “Mr. Green”. He is also learning meditative breathing techniques to help keep control, and has not transformed in 158 days. After Banner cuts his finger, a drop of his blood falls into a bottle, and is eventually ingested by an elderly consumer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, giving him gamma sickness. Using the bottle to track down Banner, Ross sends a SWAT team, led by Russian-born British Royal Marine Emil Blonsky, to capture him. Banner transforms into the Hulk and defeats Blonsky’s team. After Ross explains how Banner became the Hulk, Blonsky agrees to be injected with a small amount of a similar serum, which gives him enhanced speed, strength, agility, and healing, but also begins to deform his skeleton and impair his judgment.

Banner returns to Culver University and reunites with Betty, who is dating psychiatrist Leonard Samson. Banner is attacked by Ross and Blonsky’s forces, tipped off by the suspicious Samson, causing him to again transform into the Hulk. The ensuing battle outside the university proves to be futile for Ross’ forces and they eventually retreat, though Blonsky, whose sanity is starting to falter, boldly attacks and mocks the Hulk. The Hulk apparently kills Blonsky and flees with Betty. After the Hulk reverts to Banner, he and Betty go on the run, and Banner contacts Mr. Blue, who urges them to meet him in New York City. Mr Blue is actually cellular biologist Dr. Samuel Sterns, who tells Banner he has developed a possible antidote to Banner’s condition. After a successful test, he warns Banner that the antidote may only reverse each individual transformation. Sterns reveals he has synthesized Banner’s blood samples, which Banner sent from Brazil, into a large supply, with the intention of applying its “limitless potential” to medicine. Fearful of the Hulk’s power falling into the military’s hands, Banner wishes to destroy the blood supply. Meanwhile, Blonsky is revealed to have survived the battle and has completely healed. He joins Ross’ forces for a third attempt to take Banner into custody. They succeed and Banner, along with Betty, are taken away in a helicopter. Blonsky stays behind and forces Sterns to inject him with Banner’s blood, as he covets the Hulk’s power. Sterns warns that the combination of the super-soldier formula and Banner’s blood may cause him to become an “abomination”, but Blonsky insists. The experiment mutates Blonsky into a creature with size and strength surpassing that of the Hulk, but drives him mad. He attacks Sterns, who gets some of Banner’s blood in a cut on his forehead, causing him to begin mutating as well. Blonsky then rampages through Harlem. Realizing that the Hulk is the only one who can stop Blonsky, Banner convinces Ross to release him. He jumps from Ross’ helicopter and transforms after hitting the ground. After a long and brutal battle through Harlem, the Hulk defeats and nearly kills Blonsky, relenting only after Betty’s plea to spare him. After having a small, peaceful moment with Betty, the Hulk flees from New York.

The Hulk

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