point-buy system

(Modified from the article “With Great Power,” written by Dale A. Donovan and originally printed in Polyhedron #72.)

Create an origin

Decide which type of hero your PC will be (altered human, mutant, etc.), then create the origin.

Determine primary abilities

Each player will now be given 250 Character Points (CPs). You would now “buy” your primary abilities (FASERIP) by spending CPs. Purchase primary ability scores on a point-for-point basis. So if you want your character to possess Amazing (50) Strength, subtract 50 CPs from your point total. Do this for all seven primary abilities.

You can purchase ability scores other than the normal rank number in each rank (for example, you could buy Amazing (46) Strength instead of Amazing (50) and save four CPs to use later). Just remember any skimping like this will be reflected in your final Health and Karma scores.

Don’t be too extravagant with your spending here, as your CPs will also be used to purchase your Resources level, powers, talents, and contacts. I don’t recommend spending more than about half of your CPs at this stage.

Determine secondary abilities

Total up your Health and Karma points. Add those two figures together and they should equal the number of CPs you’ve spent so far. This is a good way to check your math.
Now buy your hero’s Resources rank by spending two CPs for every point of Resources (if you want Excellent (20) Resources, it would cost you 40 CPs).

A player does not buy and cannot modify his hero’s Popularity score, as it is a function of the hero’s origin and the public’s perception of the hero — use the rules on p. 7 of the Advanced Players’ Book.

Determine special abilities

Since each special ability (powers, talents, and contacts) is purchased slightly differently, each is discussed separately.


Each hero now buys powers and their ranks. Normal powers cost 10 CPs each, and starred powers cost 20 CPs.

Purchasing powers gives the hero the ability to buy ranks in those powers. Ranks for powers without stars are purchased on a point-for-point basis, as with the primary abilities. If you wanted to buy the Flight power, it would cost 10 CPs. You can now buy a power rank for that power. Let’s say you wanted to fly at Excellent (20) speed, it would cost you 20 more CPs. So buying the Flight power and an Excellent (20) rank cost you a total of 30 CPs. Starred power ranks are bought at a rate of two CPs for each rank number.

You purchase both powers and ranks so that five powers, each at Good (10) ranks will be more expensive than one power at Amazing (50) rank. The hero with five powers is much more versatile, and he should pay for that.

Any equipment invested with Powers have their material strength increased by one rank. Further increases cost CPs on a one-for-one basis.


Players can take one limitation per hero to gain more CPs. Use the maximums listed at the top of each list of limitations on p. 9. This determines the number of CPs gained from taking a limitation. For example, taking the limitation “Power can only be used three times/day” from the list “Maximum of Excellent” for your Flight power would gain you an additional 20 CPs, as it is an Excellent rank limitation. Points gained through limitations are the standard rank numbers for that rank only. All normal rules regarding limitations apply.


All skills listed under the Weapon, Fighting, and Mystical or Mental Skills tables, and all starred talents cost 10 CPs each. All other talents cost 5 CPs each (buying Chemist costs 5 CPs, while the Medicine or the Guns skill would cost 10 CPs each).


Unless the Judge specifies otherwise, each contact costs 5 CPs. You can detail contacts now, or during an adventure (with the Judge’s consent).

Fill in the blanks

There, you’re done. If you have any CPs left over, they are added to your hero’s Karma points. Round out your hero with his heroic and character names, background, job, costume, how he gained his powers, why he risks his life as a hero, etc.

point-buy system

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